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Micro Scoops

Using a Micro Scoop to Measure Powder Supplements

Micro Scoops provide a quick and convenient alternative to a milligram scale. Our micro scoops measure approximately 10mg of supplement powder for DMAA, yohimbine, hordenine, caffeine, and schizandrol.

On the side of each micro scoop, you will see it rated as 15-20mg, but the scoops were tested for the listed supplements, and measured about 10mg per heaping micro scoop.

How to Use the Micro Scoop

When measuring out DMAA, caffeine anhydrous, hordenine, or schizandrol A, each heaping scoop measures approximately 10mg. Make sure there is little to no powder on the neck of the scoop while measuring, or this will measure more than 10 milligrams.

A Micro Scoop with Each DMAA Order

Each 1,3-Dimethylamylamine order includes a free 10mg micro scoop. Micro scoops are also available for sale in varying quantities. We can also quote wholesale orders if you need micro scoops for your business. If you prefer a more exact measurement, please consider our milligram scales.