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Powder Milligram (mg) Scale

Comparable to American Weigh Scales

Our scales are of high quality and very precise when weighing powder supplements. Each scale has an accuracy of 0.01 grams, which is 10mg. These scales also include a free set of batteries, so you can start weighing your supplements immediately without having to buy batteries.

These scales are comparable in quality and performance to American Weigh scales. The MS-100 is almost identical to the AWS-100 American Weigh scale.

Weighing supplements with an mg scale

A milligram scale is a necessity for anyone who wishes to save a lot of money on their supplements. Purchasing individual ingredients and creating your own supplements is much less expensive than buying supplements at retail stores, like GNC. Another benefit of creating your own supplements is that you can increase or decrease certain ingredients based on personal preference. For example, if you make your own Jack3d, and have a high tolerance for caffeine, you can double the amount of caffeine in your custom Jack3d supplement. Besides milligrams and grams, this scale also weighs in ounces with a .001oz accuracy.

Calibrating your milligram scale

All scales are pre-calibrated, but if your scale appears to be off, follow these simple instructions to adjust calibration: